Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SERIES 9: Let There be V A M P I R E S!!!!!!

Surprise guys.  New Series, NEW EXPANSION PACK!!! Yes thats right, I now have the new Late Night expansion pack, meaning our Raven Sims will now actually get to become vampires.  So . . . which lucky Raven gets to become the first ever Sims 3 vampire?  And how will they now fare, living in the city, as most of our Sims are hanging out in high rise apartments.  And which Raven will become a superstar?  Will any of them achieve this?  All will be revealed . . . .

When Imm read the description for her apartment, she expected rooms full of luxury and grandeur.  Instead, what she got was a set of makeshift ramshackle rooms in the basement of the building, with barely enough room to turn around in.  She is going to have to find a better place than this one.  That night she gets bored.

Imm has set her sights on superstardom.  She has so far met quite a few stars, and has so far failed to impress any of them. 

Before long she sets about rearranging the furthing in the basement, making it a more attractive home, even claiming some other parts of the basement to herself.

Rapture manages to find a nice sized apartment, only problem is its right next to a busy bridge.  Good luck sleeping.

The ever cool and stylish Anasentire has landed herself a cosy little apartment with pleasant oceanic views.

What is with Ravens and politics?  Ana is the second Raven to elect a political carieer.

Ana has been playing the bass . . . . badly, in the towns dingiest of pubs.  Lucky for her the pubs patron are all tone deaf drunkards,  any piece of live music will do for them.  

New kid on the block Lestat is not quite the politician, but he manages to at least land an office job.  Lestat has discovered that his neighbour is a particularly sexy female vampire.  Little does he know that this vampire has plans for him

*Lestat is Ravens first ever Sims 3 vampire!!! *

While some Ravens are interested in making the Law, Lady Wolf would rather enforce it, so she has joined the police force.  She has also taken up drumming.  Preferring to practice late at night, when her neighbours are all trying to sleep.

Morihas has gone steampunk!!  She also has elected for a career in sculpting.  What better life than that of spending your time sculpting life size statues of naked men.

Trent and Pyre are living in a garage belonging to a block of apartments.  Both of them have elected to become police officers.  After a living in a garage and working as a lowly snitch, Trent and Pyr grow bored.  So they decide to gatecrash a party.  They get in without being noticed and cause havoc by playing music in the bedrooms, so that no one can get to sleep or get up to anything.  The next day they are both really hungover, and don't get up until after 4 pm


Saturday, October 2, 2010

SERIES 8: Settling Down

Imm seems to have single motherhood sorted.  Her children are doing greant, and her career is doing famously, she has even given Lady Wolf a make over.  But at the end of the day, she always goes to bed exhausted, and frustrated that the little ones are yet to meet their father, who she just about never gets to see anymore.

Lady Wolf
LW has settled down and married that cook of hers.  She has turned into a local celebrity, despite not being that high up in the political ladder.

She decides to throw a party and throw some drinks, only when she serves drinks, she doesn't just serve drinks, hell no - she serves EVIL drinks dammit.

Tiamat's gone stir crazy.  She has been trying to invite people inside who clearly are not there, has managed to clog up all the toilets and blow up the stereo.  Not going too well at work either.  And to add to her string of bad luck she gets broken into.  That day she came how from work feeling very tired and very stressed.  All she felt like doing was curling up on the couch and reading a good book.

By the next day she felt much better, she was rested and relaxed, just a little bit hungry since she skipped breakfast that morning.  But by the end of the day she felt like she wanted to tear her hair out again.

Anasentire is a bit of kleptomaniac, and  has managed to acquire quite a few things to put around the house.  Ana is yet another local celebrity - and one that sure knows how to throw a kick arse party.

Moriha has found love in the arms of a man called Tobin.  She also is the Mayor of Transimvania.  However, all these late nights are starting to take their toll.  Still, the parties must continue.

Trent and Pyretta
Since there family has grown, Trent and Pyr decided that a larger home closer to the city would be more suitable.  The little one certainly needs a lot of attention, though, thats for sure.  Three children certainly are a full time job.  They barely get a moments sleep.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SERIES 8: Lifes A Party

The kids have been leaving Imm feeling exhausted with their constant demands.  When they are at play she is at least able to keep up with all the latest trends and practices a little fashion design.

Lady Wolf
Lady Wolf is now engaged to be married.  SHe is also learning how to play guitar - she can actually play a few chords on it now, would you believe.

Tiamet raced off to work with her pancakes still on the stove, and as a consequence of this, her home catches fire.  With no smoke detector installed, the firemen do not arrive to put the fire out, so the fire hungryly begins to devour the plaw.  Destroying all her lovely furniture and appliances.  By the time she arrives home, the fire is well and truely out of control.

Coming home she discovers the blaze, calls the fire brigade, runs upstairs, and faints.  By the time she comes to, the firefighters have put the fire out.  But her kitchen is in ruins.  It is going to cost an absolute fortune to fix it up.  But, she has the money to do it, so the furniture is soon replaced.  But the clean up job is going to take some time.  At least the effort required to clean up all the ash meant that she at least lost a bit of weight.

Ana desided to throw a party.  It was a success.  It helps, t hough, that she was best friends with many of the people of who were in attendance.

Moriha is now a local representative of Transimvania.  This, of course, means hosting more social events and talking to a lot more people.  Saturday night though, Moriha throws a racey beach party complete with mojitos.  One crazy night was had by all is all I can say on the matter.

Trent & Pyretta
At the other end of the islet Trent and Pyretta now have two little darlings, with number three on the way.  Both the firey haired Lenore and the golden haired Leticia are both little cuties.

A typical scene in the D'Oreb kitchen.
Pyretta: "Pancakes, Dear?"
Trent: "Oh , er, no thanks Pyr, I think I'll cook my own breakfast this morning.  Er  . . . they do look good though dear."
Pyretta: "Hmpf!"

That night Trent comes home a little down in the dumps after his team loses the match that he had been training so hard to win.  But no time to rest, with his pregnant wife peacefully dozing upstairs, Trent is left to care for the girls.

The next night, the surrounds are more tranquil, with all asleep.  But soon the tranquility is disrupted with yells from Pyr as she goes into labour and races off to hospital, Trent still asleep.  Trent wakes up, discovers Pyr gone and catches a taxi to the hospital.

Finally! A boy!  Trent struts home carrying a screaming little Brody, ecstatic about finally having a son.  Of course, in all this excitement, Trent ends up not getting any sleep and ends up having to go to work dead tired.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lifes Little Twists and Turns

Pyr and Trent aren't the onlys ones to find themselves blessed with little ones.  Imm has two of them - Keely and Billy, her two children that she had to her sexy tattoo artist boyfriend.  Still, they are pretty good kids, apart from the fact that her daughter has evil tendencies.

Lady Wolf
While LW hasn't had children yet, her boyfriend has moved in with her.  Which is a good thing, as he is a cook.

Tiamat has a boyfriend, but he hasn't moved in with her yet.  She also seems a little clucky too.  She keeps reading books on pregnancy and thinking about childrens things.  She has also taken to walking around with a plate of pancakes - what is more bizarre is the fact the she actually managed to score a promotion out of doing so.

Ana hasn't met anyone yet, though she isn't short of friends and acquaintences, and her political career is doing well, as she is now a member of the City Council.

Moriha's life these days is full of late nights and glamourous fundraiser parties.  They are beginning to become very popular and she often has people flocking to them and leaving huge donations.

Trent & Pyretta
Trent has been doing well  careerwise - he has actually managed to join a league, you you believe.

Pyr thinks she has this whole motherhood thing well and truly sorted out: Y'see, what you do is you feed the baby, hug the baby, play with the baby - then leave it to the father to change the stinky nappies.

Friday, September 3, 2010

SERIES 8: Reset

Unfortunately, Series 7 was prematurely cut short after the neighbourhood became rediculously unstable.  It would crash constantly.  There was clearly a little glitch somewhere in the creation of that particular neighbourhood.  This neighbourhood I tried something a little different.  I moved all the Transimvanians into already existing homes with already existing sims in them, and then booted the Sims that were living there, that way the Transimvanians could move into houses they would not have otherwise been able to afford.  I also moved in all the Sims before playing them, but am still playing them three days at a time.

Imm's moved into a huge house close to the shops, complete with furnishing.  She decides to take  on a career as a stylist.
After taking a few days off, her first day on the job was the worst, with her first ever client actually cancelling her appointment.

 Lady Wolf
One door down, in an equally luxurious house, is Lady Wolf, who has gotten into politics, which is just as well, as its the only way she is going to be able to afford to keep the house.

Even further on down, Tiamet is busy settling into her new home, and is yet another politician in the making.  So far her political life has proven to be awfully lonely, and she is really beginning to pack on the pounds. 

Ana is yet another Raven that has chosen the political career.  It seems just about every Sim bar Immortelle wants to be a politician.

Moriha's high up in the world.  She has managed to nab a place in Trasimvania city council.

Trent & Pyretta
Meanwhile, in the D'Oreb household, Pyretta has been sporting a baby bump, something she is quite excited about.  Trent can hardly contain himself, and has been reading pregnancy books from cover to cover repeatedly.

Soon the time comes, and Lenore arrives.  Trent was hoping for a little boy, but, well . . . .


Friday, July 30, 2010

SERIES 7: Transimvania Renewed

Well folks, a new expansion pack has been added (Ambitions) and with it, a new neighbourhood look for Transimvania.  Many of the old Transimvanians have left, but the good news is a couple of new ones have joined.  And as such, you guessed it, another early ending to a Series, and the beginning of a newer one.  Sims are being played now for three days at a time on the Epic timeframe setting.  What this means is that you will see the Sims getting up to more, more changes occurring to Sims while not being played, and faster aging.

And now, without further ado . . . .

 Doesn't have much money to burn, but she manages to land a nice two story place in the swamps.  A bit ramshackle, but with a bit of work, it will look great.  She has begun a career as a Private Investigator, snooping and spying on the other inhabitants of Transimvania.

The next day she was busy checking out the story behind a neighbourhood dispute

Lady Wolf
Has been Simmified, whether she likes it or not :P  (Well, she was in the original Transimvania - albeit briefly, since her Sim was killed and became a ghost that haunted the new residents of the house.

Lady Wolf likes starting fires.  She thinks they are hilarious.  She even laughs and cheers when one starts up in her own kitchen.

Tiamat has joined the neighbourhood as one of the newest Ravens.  And she turns out to be the only Raven who sucks more at cooking that Pyretta.  When she burns things, she doesn't just burn her food, she burns the entire kitchen with it.  She is obsessive about washing clothes, too.

Moriha has found this awesome place that is up in the trees.  A treehouse FTW.  Can't afford to furnish it, and there had to be a bit of scaling down before she could buy it, but she has a treehouse.

The Bunny
Barely in her home for more than ten minutes and she manages to burn the kitchen down.  This seems to be a trend this season amongst the Ravens.  For some reason, she likes her houses to be near her workplace.  Laziness, perhaps?

Mad Gatso
Over in Mad Gatso's Mad Cain, the Bunny is running rampant: picking fights and generally trashing the place.  But he cares little for her presence or behaviour.  He is much more concerned about the dripping tap in the bathroom.

Growing up, all Mad ever wanted to be was a fireman, so when the opportunity to become a Waterboy at the local firestation presented itself, he grabbed it, and even got a little pre work practice in by setting fire to his own kitchen and putting it out.  The only thing is, Mad sucks at being a firefighter.  Half the house is usually burnt by the time he ever manages to get the blaze out.

Trent & Pyretta
Trent and Pyr find a nice little place- the problem is, they can obly just afford it and have no money left over for any furniture.  So they spend the night running around finding gems to cash in, in the hope of raising enough funds to at least get a bed.  By the end of the night, they manage to furnish the place.  Nothing flash, but its better than nothing.  The next day, they realise they will need steady incomes and race off to find work. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SERIES 6: Somebody Dies :(

Duke & Immortelle

The couple have settled into a pretty comfortable work/life routine, with there always seeming to be at lease someone home to look after Brook . . . . boring.

Trent and Moriha

Moriha's dumped the three screaming brats and moved in with Trent. Trent certainly didn't waste much time replacing Pyre, did he now?

And it certainly didn't take long for Moriha to find the bar either. At least we know why she finds him so attractive.


Demmy's in lurve and she is positively glowing.

The Bunny

The Bunny spends another night out on the town, then staggers home to bed, only to discover that her boyfriend has clogged the toilet again. The next day she gets even more annoyed when she discovers Gustav has also busted up the bathroom tap and has completely flooded the bathroom.

Mad Gatsu

As Mad frantically struggles to staunch the flames of yet another house fire, he is set alight. Panic stricken, he runs to the nearest pool in a bid to save himself, but sadly he is too late. He passes away the moment he hits the water. RIP Mad Gatso, may his spirit live on . . . .


Just as Mad tragically passes on, Messy is back and again happily living in his funky little beach shack. Messy just cannot keep away from mirrors. He is completely fascinated by his own reflection. Ever heard of Narcassius, mate?